Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Legend of Pittsburgh

I find it amusing when people talk about the weather where they live as if it's fantastically unique. "Pittsburgh weather, eh?". Everywhere I've ever lived, and many places I've visited, they did this. I guess it's another way for people to amuse themselves though. Either way, the weather was very nice yesterday, and is not too bad today. I should adjust my sleep schedule to see more of it -- I've recently been leaving work aroud 19:00 and missing out on some prime time to take walks in Schenley.

Rage of the Stage, which put on a wonderful (and twisted) production/interpretation of Alice in Wonderland sometime back, will be giving a go at Little Red Riding Hood (click for their poster) early next month. It will come in six parts:

  1. A "standard" interpretation by Shoberg (the playwright who interpreted Alice, so probably not that standard)
  2. Ruby Red - An evil Red Riding Hood?
  3. dot.carnal - A guide to internet stalking by the Wolf
  4. Granny's House - Interpretation of Granny's house as a whorehouse
  5. Fall From Glaze - A chef enters a cake in a bake-off(?)
  6. Bed Ryan Hood - A twisted, gender-reversed interpretation
The announcement says this will be at the Brew House again, on 2, 3, 9, and 10 march at 20:00. Tickets are $10, and expected dress is completely casual. If anyone would like to go, drop me a note. If I go to an early showing and like it, I might be up for seeing it again - given how much I liked Shoberg's Alice, this seems likely.

Today I've a doctor's appointment - I missed my original appointment, but enough people were cancelling due to weather that the office called me and offered me the slot. w00t. I like Doctor's appointments, partly because I have a cool doctor and partly because he's the best shot I have at getting rid of my frequent headaches (and occasional other health problems).


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