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Avoiding Attentional Neglect

I'm reasonably happy with my PHL apartment in most regards. Most of my grumpiness comes from where it is (in a big building, in a strip mall area, in Philadeplhia). However, there are a few gotchas that I really should've spotted. Preferences/apartment-picking checklist (none of this is meant as normative for others):

  • White paint syndrome? - Ideally no - Are all the walls, outlets, windows, etc caked with white paint? A lot of landlords do this to cover up damage, and it's ugly
  • Do all the inner doors (if any) actually and truly close? - Ideally yes - Door maintenance is often overlooked by would-be tenants and not done by landlords. This is important to me because my cats have only a limited ability to open closed doors but a powerful ability to open nearly-closed doors
  • Are there 2-prong outlets? - Ideally no - I have a lot of electronics that really wants to be grounded (or at least has 3 prongs), and adapters are a pain. Sometimes I'm willing to rewire an apartment to fix this if I'll be living there for awhile
  • Are the electrics generally shoddy? - Really must be no - Unfortunately, this is not always easy to tell on one visit. Turning on lights immediately when I show up and paying close attention to if they ever dim while I'm looking at everything else can work. Sometimes.
  • Are many/most of the outlets linked to a light switch? - Ideally no - I don't like light switches controlling outlets, and if some areas of the room only have outlets that work this way, it limits how I can use/layout the room. Not cool. Sometimes I'll rewire an apartment to fix this if I'll be living there for awhile (perhaps confusing any really observant landlords I've had?)
  • Do many rooms have reasonable ventilation/airflow? - Ideally yes - Particularly important with bathrooms
  • What's the mold rate for bready items? - Ideally low but might conflict with my preference for high humidity - With some apartments, bread really must be refrigerated and leaving butter and other things in the open air will not end well
  • Do the exteriour doors and windows close properly? - Ideally yes, really important for climate regulation

I wonder how often, when people are comparing monthly summed information of various kinds (rainfall? sales?), people forget/remember to multiply that answer by a scaling factor so as not to over/underweigh months because of their different lengths. Is this a well-understood problem?

A bit before I left Pittsburgh, I spoke with another sufferer of bad migraines, who gave me a "recipe" of a mix of drugs that so far has proven reasonable at limiting the badness of my light-to-average migraines (at cost of making me a bit dizzy). One of the medicines is a hassle to open, and in an ideal world I'd have single-use containers holding all three medicines. I'm reluctant to unwrap/rewrap medicines for that though. What to do?

Occasionally one hears of people who have been banished from Google services. I wonder if it might make sense, given its market dominance, to regulate Google as a utility, limiting their ability to entirely dissociate from people. It is desirable that scammers and spammers receive this treatment, but perhaps it should be harder in other cases for them to remove someone, given how important they've become to online services.


I've thought about the month thing. Most of the time, people treat them as equal-sized because the difference is small, unless there is a program to do it for them.
have you tried strongly-brewed mint tea for migraines? i have only had one migraine ever, but on that occasion it proved an excellent cure.
I've tried pretty much everything (including this) that can be tried over the years I've suffered frequent migraines. So far that magic mix of baby aspirin, benadryl, and advil is the best hope to downgrade them into something bearable.

Second best is remaining under a hot shower for a long time.