Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Spent the early day refamiliarising myself with a website I maintain for a research group at CMU, for some needed changes I'll be working on next week. I have the feeling that there's probably an off-the-shelf package that would be better for this kind of thing; the existing code, AFAICT, was hand-written in PHP. This is less of a sin in a tech-friendly university than it is in a small company though.

The rest of the day was spent in PHL with my cousin, first shopping for knitting things and then meeting some of her friends before she heads off to DC in two weeks. Not being blood cousins, I hope the two other families with which we share that special bond and the Gunn-Carvers keep this tie through future generations. In a way it's honoring a unique friendship between three women (my mom being one of them), but in another it's recognition that those of us of my generation grew up treating each other as kin (and unlike blood-ties, kinship *is* about perception).

Knitting is going slowly right now, because I'm spending more time reading about the theory than doing the practice. I'm making a lot of little sheets of fabric and undoing them, so I can get comfortable with the motions (which still feel a little awkward).

In a few hours I'm taking an overnight Megabus to Boston/Cambridge, as it's one place I might like to live once my rent is up here and spending a few days mucking about there seems like it'd be helpful. I'm oddly sad about moving, but I think, because my family moved around a lot when I was young, moving has always invoked that remembered pain. It's also likely that I'm keenly aware of opportunity costs.

I have a surprising amount of things on my TODO list, from wrapping up more things from past jobs to areas of self-enrichment.


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