Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Cambridge Trip - Day 0

Travel log:Last night, after a bit of figuring out how to pack two changes of clothes into my laptop bag, I took a train downtown to 30th Street Station (PHL). After a quick jog outside to the Megabus stop, I brought out the laptop and geeked out for a bit, then hopped on the bus.

This MegaBus was less pleasant than the PGH-PHI one; fewer outlets, and it initially smelled like dogfood and later smelled like latrine. Around 02:30, we pulled over and everyone got off the bus, to transfer to another significantly less smelly one. My fellow passengers seemed pretty hip. The stopover place was very weird, and Google Maps listed it as being in the middle of a lake (it was a giant ominous building that seemed primarily designed for people to wait outside of). The resto f the ride was uneventful, and I got a bit of sleep.

Arrived at SouthStation; I love the colour scheme and the layout, and the people seemed to be slightly irritable but maybe my kind of people? After a bit of wandering around in the station, my phone told me I wanted the RedLine, and an information-desk person informed me what kind of ticket I want and how to get to the boarding area.

The Red Line was similarly very comfortable, clean, and casual. No business drones (or they dress differently), nice floors. The conductor was very very talkative, and gave the impression that the local transit people REALLY REALLY don't want anyone to get lost or miss their stop or make the wrong stop due to absentmindedness (or maybe they just like to talk). For locals I imagine it could get a bit old, but it was nice for me. Got off at the MIT stop, where I walked to my present location of the BeanTowne Coffeeshop.

Breakfast Bagel on a cheese bagel: exquisite. I don't think Brueggers has anything remotely comparable. Staff is very friendly (main server reminds me a bit of Dominic!). Croissants are, like most American Croissants, completely wrong in texture, but they actually got the taste almost completely right, with appropriate butter content.

I expect to leave here soonish to wander around for a few hours (maybe spend some time on MIT's campus). If nobody gets in touch, I'll probably catch a few museums and check out some neighbourhoods.

I'm not operating on a lot of sleep, but I should be fine for the rest of the day (even if I stay up late). Cambridge is really charming and giving me all sorts of warm fuzzies (Laboratory space for rent? Really? Awesome. Not some place that you rent and hope to turn into a laboratory, at the possible grumblitude of the landlord, but space meant to be a laboratory? People reading programming books on public transit? Tech companies all over the place? People biking everywhere? Wide sidewalks? Yesssss). I do need to make sure this isn't the kind of place that shuts down early, but things are lookin' good!


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