Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Addendum: Found a place that bills itself as a Bakery, that mainly sells the most delightful sweets, has really good tea, is great for people-watching, and is open late. Athan's Bakery is highly awesome. I didn't find this place by any online reviews, and actually was just passing by to walk to another coffeeshop that's open late and noticed that this looked like a really cool place. Little surprises like this are wonderful.

I also felt pretty happy with how in the last coffeeshop, I plugged into an outlet, got now power, looked down and spotted a sign that said "does not work", and left it plugged in anyhow; my laptop seemed to suddenly get power later on, and I assumed the guy working behind the counter actually turned it on in contrast to some policy designed to keep people from hanging out there all day. Or so I assumed. It turned out when I got here that my laptop was almost empty of power, so I guess I was mistaken (my laptop's desktop environment, since the GNOME3 mess, has been pretty flaky on the GNOME-half of things), but it did feel nice to think I was being welcomed in some subtle way. Also, the regional public transit is quite affordable and very well-run. The scale of it is sometimes surprising ; I had no idea that beneath Harvard is an enormous underground station, and was shocked to discover that there are ginormous busses driving in tunnels down there. Boston-Cambridge doesn't even feel that big.

I've been happy to see the Libyan rebels slowly move their way inward towards the capital. I have no idea what's next for them, but I believe their people will suffer less with whatever comes next.


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