Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Another 80s Night

This seems to be a fairly campus-y week for me - earlier there was playtesting for the KGB puzzle hunt (I think.. Or was that last week?), which was a lot of fun (despite early versions of the puzzles being kind of buggy in wacky ways) and tonight I'll be helping out with administration of said event. Last night, there was a mix of retrogaming by the CMU Computer Club and the movie Tron. It turns out that I haven't seen Tron for many years, and rosy glasses made me expect a good film rather than ancient eye-candy. Ahh well, retro nights are generally fun because I can make jokes about ancient computer things without worrying so much about being understood - for those who arn't old enough to have been there the first time, many are into retrogaming enough that they'll know their stuff anyhow. BoHanlon surprised me by having a copy of Treasure Mountain - the music from that game has been stuck in my head for years and hearing it helped get it out of my head for awhile.

It seems that staff taking classes is all the rage in the psychology department - I've been in and overheard a number of conversations between people in the huge age span that being staff covers. Today there was an article about it in CMU's faculty/staff magazine Focus - it's a very good thing, I think, for a lot of reasons, the least immediately obvious one that comes to mind being building bridges between different age groups. I noticed that practically all the contributors to Focus are either in the Humanities or Psychology (which, at least at CMU, probably doesn't fit in that group). Apart from some sophomoric pseudo-philosophical ranting by some gun nut (CS faculty or staff, IIRC), I don't think the other departments have contrbuted to Focus for quite some time. I wonder why that is.

(To clarify so other people won't assume, being pro-gun isn't something I have an issue with - I have little opinion on the issue. This guy was a few bits short of a byte though, and IIRC one of the survivalist "collect gold!" type)

Null Modem adapter+USB/Serial cable came in - this weekend I'll probably start hacking the OSD. It looks like I'll soon have an account on a shared server to upload troublesome media for the (mostly china-based?) employees working on the codecs to take stabs at.


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