Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Cambridge/Boston Trip - Fin

After wandering back to my sisters' place (returning two comic books I borrowed from Peter; I don't have a very strong interest in that, but "Freddy vs Jason vs Ash" and "Marvell Zombies" were worth a quick read), I went almost immediately to sleep. The next morning, I went with Andrea and Peter to a neat place called Zaftigs and then parted ways, walking back up to the Cambridge area and stopping in the 1369 Coffeehouse, which was also amazing. 1369 has a lot of character, is small enough to have regulars, and has good variety in what they serve. It reminds me of the Beehive in some ways, and of Victoria's Midnight Cafe in others. If I end up in Cambridge/Boston, I will go there regularly. After that, I had a quick snack at Punjabi Daba around the corner (I ate there in a previous visit to Boston), and moseyed back to the red line, to ride back to South Station.

The MegaBus back had problems, but I made it back into PHL, as expected.

Boston would be a good place for me, and so I'm happy applying for jobs at MIT and Harvard. I will, as expected, also apply for university jobs in NYC and EugeneOregon, while trying to find temporary housing here (or elsewhere) in case things don't come together in time.

I meant to apply for jobs today, but a migraine took most of the day away. Tomorrow, then!


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