Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Duck, Duck, Dodge

The treasure hunt was pretty neat. The puzzles were improved since the playtesting, and many of them were pretty clever. One of them kept whispering into my ear, "Program me in Perl! Then make much bigger versions, minus the solution, and watch", but so far I have resisted that temptation. Helping to run it was probably less interesting than playing would've been, but it was decently social. I had sudden random depression at the end though, and so I went home rather than join some people for a meal afterwards. Last night's dreams inflated the whole puzzle hunt into a much larger event, where everyone had been there for several days (staying in a hotel or dorm, I think), the opening and closing speeches were in a concert hall, and while we were waiting for the closing speech to start people were playing frisbee, mostly seated, in that hall. I also had a high school friend who I hadn't seen for ages sitting next to me. I suspect the frisbee bit was derived from trying to remember how to fling playing cards with Ivan after the real-life event had ended and we were all starting to clean up.

Anyone who's up for food, a trip to the Beehive, or who has a car and wants to go to IKEA, please drop me a line.


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