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I've visited all the regional Borders recently, trying to find interesting deals before they close. I missed out on buying a few Kibos at $40/each (not sure which model) because I spent too long researching them while the store was closed and they were gone the next time I visited. It's a little weird seeing what amounts to a fire sale in a very large bookstore. Somehow I doubt many of them here will turn into temporary indy bookstores like we saw in Pittsburgh.

I feel a bit weird swooping in on them to buy things as they're dying. Yes, they do actually want to sell everything (books, shelves, display cases, even their security system!), but it feels ungrateful to visit a bookstore for the first time in months to buy things at discount that society was not willing to buy in sufficient amounts to keep them viable as a business. My best buy was a Gunnerkrigg Court anime collection; it's a beautiful book, but I never would've bought it at the original sticker price of $27. At $8, I hesitated a bit but decided to get it.

Another few thoughts on IndyHall:

  • I keep wanting to compare it to the CSCluster/Lounge at CMU
  • Unlike the CMU CS-cluster/lounge, I feel like I might come to belong there as a proper member. CS Staff exist in a weird place at CMU, and for all the years I spent there I knew that the department and its resources weren't really about me. I felt a bit weird using SCS resources that were more heavily used by undergrads or grads. There's no second-classness intrinsic to how I am at Indyhall.
  • But it also has much more entepreneurial types, which is weird for me. I inherently respect academes *much* more than businesspeople, and think of business as something academes might do on the side. It's weird for me to be near businesspeople like this, and makes me a little less eager to help them, particularly if their products or services or other business relationships don't seem societally beneficial. I'll get used to it, I guess.

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