Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Noisy Fields

Some whats-been-going-on-in-my-life stuff:

  • The astroturfing of the big field by my apartment has been completed, and now there are preppy kids (in the most literal sense possible; next door is a prep school) playing lacrosse and soccer out there all the time. This'd be almost charming except there are often soccer balls hitting the window, and I worry that eventually the windows will crack and/or the screens will be knocked in and my cats will chase each other out the windows and plummet.
  • Happy that I am not draining my finances as quickly as expected
  • I've been applying for good university jobs in cities that look like nice places in which to live. Much to my surprise, MIT's HR department is not glacially slow like practically all universities; I applied late last week to a few jobs, and heard back this monday from them; they want to set up interviews. One would have me be a programmer for the Kerberos consortium (irony!), another would have me working on some health-informatics project. Neither of them are neuroimaging, but either could be interesting. I applied for a few jobs at Harvard that *are* neuroimaging-related, but haven't heard back. I'm thinking over what to do with this, and doing more research on the jobs, but will probably have to get back to them soon.
  • Also looked around in the DC and NYC areas but none of the Universities there seem to have the kinds of jobs I'm looking for. If Stanford's NYC campus were a done deal and further along, NYC would probably be a strong option (I would like to live in NYC for at least awhile in my life).

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