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Approaching the Wheat

I am learning to appreciate beer, very slowly. The initial insight that's helping me approach it is that while beer is unpleasant as a substance, it has pleasant borders within it. I don't think I'll ever understand people who chug beer, but taking small sips, being sure to get a mix of foam and drink (swishing to make foam in my mouth as needed) and focusing on the flavour of small regions of the beer in my mouth turns the oh-god-why-am-i-drinking-this experience into something okay and interesting. Beer seems to fit into my world of fluids:

  • Water: Basic cravings, downwards temperature adjustment
  • Tea: Large-scale flavours, spices, basic taste
  • Iced tea: Mix of the above
  • Coffee: upwards temperature adjustment, nice smells (taste is still mostly meh)
  • Wine: Small-scale flavours, meal accompaniment
  • Beer: Very small-scale flavours

(Coffee is also a fairly recent introduction into my diet)

None of these are generally that effective at waking me up or putting me to sleep. I nowadays often have a cup of very strong coffee before I go to sleep.


A moka pot is likely to extract waaaaay less caffeine than a French press would, because the water doesn't linger with the coffee grounds. Your coffee may be strong in terms of flavor, but that doesn't mean it's highly caffeinated. Later, when I'm not on a short meal-break, I can try to find the info on caffeine solubility I found once.
I've recently started drinking beer too, particularly very light white beers. This year I had it ~3 times!