Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Recent Adventures of Improv

Hey all, a few recent adventures (nothing that exciting):

  • Job interview at MIT seemed to go reasonably well. it's one of the more notable things I'm applying for now. I am still frustrated how hard it is to find jobs that interest more than a few of my skill-areas or interests though.
  • A few days ago, tried 「Desi Chaat」. This was a new type of indian food for me; Chaat is a kind of dry-ish stew of ingredients, with a lot of spicy-crackery-things. I like the restaurant, although what I actually got was too spicy(!).
  • I'm doing a lot more walking around town; the public transit is sometimes tempting, but I like the random finds that happen when I travel zu fuss. Today I found a good-but-very-weird indian restaurant (「King of Tandoor」) in what's otherwise a kind of slummy neighbourhood.
  • Finally wrapping up the one-weekend-turned-months RHOK project.
  • New Dresden Codak sketchbook came in. It's very nice

I'm coming to worry that I'm effectively ritualistically sacrificing my life to computer tasks. I only have so much attention to go around, and I am neglecting so many of my hobbies/interests. I don't want to stop playing games or reading the news, but I think I need to be comfortable going places and just knitting, sketching, or reading more often.

From a recent dream:

Was a TA for a lecture in a fantastic class on pragmatic foundations in philosophy. In these intro classes, we had a number of exercises to get people to hold terms more loosely. An early start:

"Conventional Placeness": Looseness/pragmatism of the idea of a place

  • Nomadic tribe. Each member has built, on each settling of the tribe in someplace new, their own conventional place, with conventional items placed, conventional softness of floor made, trees carved, etc. Upgrading one's home is not a literal place upgrade so much as a promise by the tribe that the placemaker will, on each settling, help to establish the home as it should be in the new, nicer form.
When I think back about this now, I am pretty sure this evolved from the idea of making a home out of a tent, not through properties of the tent so much as the habits of what we do to settle in after each time we pitch it.

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