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Revisiting Nipponia

In early middle school, I remember we were once assigned the memorable task of designing a country, describing its history, culture, and geography as if we were presenting about a real culture we had studied (I think we did some of that too). At the time, I was both fascinated by the Japanese (by the time I took Japanese in high school, this fannishness was mostly gone; I probably would've just said Japan is "neat") and still developing my proto-libertarian philosophy (well before I had heard the term; libertarian-ish thought is emergent for people who have a selective enough understanding of law, society, and American norms). I created an island nation of Nipponia which contained a mix of libertarian ideas, my (mis)understanding of Japan, and some science-fiction ideas. I think nowadays I would probably consider that land to be a dystopia, or at least something that would fall into it rapidly, but every so often I pull that map and presentation out of the memory boxen for consideration. Very occasionally I dream about it.

I think I would make a very different land now, a society with gigantic universities at its heart, collectives outside of that, and no truly private sector. Maybe the me of then would've found it a dystopia.

I recently stumbled across Anki, a flashcard system for many platforms with downloadable content packs. I'm brushing up on my Japanese kana and Russian-Cyrillic.

I am getting ready to write about this, which raises interesting questions about feminism, gay rights, gay culture, etc.