Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Defeated by Gender

Most of the null-modem adapters I've had in the past had the same physical gender on both sides. As my once-legendary cable collection (that, dangled from the ceiling, combined with exclusively coloured lights in my favourite apartment in undergrad, ever-on swirly police-like lights, and various themed background noises like waterfalls caused many people to find visits to where I lived to be a surreal experience) is now much reduced, I shall need to visit Radio Shack tomorrow. *pout*

Courtesy jwzjwz, I thought this steampunk-style keyboard was particularly awesome. I wish I had a work area and toolset so i could do this kind of stuff. If I were to settle down somewhere I might be able to get much of my Grandpa's stuff (he's an inventor who ran an engineering/custom electronics business out of his basement with my grandma taking care of the business details before they retired). I think I could really get into that kind of thing.

I tried the cupcake place on Murray today. It was pretty good. I spent a few minutes thinking about the duck CTFwS "player" today, and I might actually do it. Maybe I'll try to glue a SDL display on top of it and add sound effects when done - it might make a nice screensaver. Figuring out an interesting superset of the rules to implement and a good way to specify specific rules and maps for an actual game is to-be-done. Unrelated, anyone who wants to play with my email client, or at least a snapshot made ten days ago, take a look here. It's not completely clean and pretty at the moment, but it should prove to doubters that Perl can be OO and not much resemble line noise.

I also had a nice conversation with Jason on political philosophy over IM, specifically on society's self-regulation using tools gentler than laws and police. The intuition is that society would flow more smoothly if people were used to both talking to each other and making reasonable requests ("Could you shovel your walk?"), only using the mechanism of the state afterwards and when appropriate, and also by using shaming to accompany (or replace in some cases) treatment of actions that harm society (many of which are not illegal under the present arrangement). I think we both agreed that this would be a very healthy thing for society. I think it would also fit well with the idea that towns and neighbourhoods should arrange regular gatherings which all denizens would be (culturally) expected to attend. Ideally such things would not simply be a large meetings - if they were more like a mini-faire with time for plenty of people to talk about what they're up to, that would promote and sustain high amounts of culture and exchange of ideas/concerns. Half a day every week (or a full day every other week) sounds offhand like it would be a good frequency.


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