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I spent much of the day today at IndyHall, finally starting to work on systems engineering for the OLPC. Some of the tools they have are pretty nice, building on some of the very nice Fedora systems-engineering tools. Still, there's a distressing amount of gotchas-and-modified-instructions that's being passed along as oral knowledge, so time-permitting I'll be updating the wiki.

The observant will note that the third/final free Portal 2 music pack was just released. w00t.

A job interview I had a week or so ago, for a position in NYC, didn't go that well (from my perspective), largely because I got the feeling they're looking for application developers, and they don't really appreciate systems developers. IMO, any company, tech startup or established firm, needs a solid (if small) core of systems people. Systems people are needed to civilise the development environment and to keep it running smoothly, to refactor code, to make sure the right tools are used (Wikis, continuous build environments, etc). We're not always good at all kinds of development, but if what we bring is not appreciated and sought, a company is screwed.