Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Feeling really glum because of something I had to do.

Currently trying a coffeeshop called 「Chapterhouse」 in the Washington Square area of PHL. Prices are pretty average, the food is pretty good, and the chai latte is decent. Preparation is a bit sloppy, but I don't mind. The atmosphere is really good/comfortable; nice, varied places to sit, a nice book/games selection, and everything is quite chill. They're open until 10. Not bad, cool place!

Last night, signed on to, and made the big big mistake of giving them my phone number, plus not being specific enough about what I want. Received an irritating number of phone calls today (hint for recruiters: I do not like cold calls. Send me an email). Some of the jobs look almost tempting, were I not so much looking for an academic job.

I like the train system here. There's this beautiful spot between Overbrook (a neighbourhood-proper on the very west end of Philadelphia) and the rest of the city that seems to be where SEPTA does most of its train maintenance; it's a big maze of tracks and cars and trains and people. There's always construction in that area too. I love the idea of big public works projects like that that move people around efficiently without the need to own a car. Tickets are still kind of expensive, but not compared to a taxi.

Last night, sorted my bookmarked webcomics into:

  • Kunstlich(15) - Comics that I primarily read because I like their art
  • Quippish(23) - Comics that mostly standalone and are making a joke
  • Ehrlich(13) - Comics that portray somebody's real life, or are observations on life
  • Geschichtisch(23) - Comics I like for their story
  • Lewd(3) - Comics that are significantly about sex
This was largely because having a single bookmark folder, and "open all in tabs" was getting slow, but it's also nice to have the metadata around.

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