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On Directions in Atheism

The growth of atheism is as important to me as the growth of socialism. We want a community, we want it to have the right content, we want it to grow, and we want it to win. On atheism, I think it's important that it grow in the right way. We should not be so keen to expand that we discredit existing ideas just because they happened in the context of religion. We should be a giant katamari ball rolling through existing cultures, picking up ideas everywhere we go, evaluating them, tweaking them if necessary, and incorporating them into our movement and our new culture. We should then push that culture boldly.

We reject the multiculturalists who want a diversity of deeply-different cultures, those who would leave in place ideas that enslave or waste so many human beings. But our culture is also not to be very specific; for the things that really matter to us we may be less diverse, but when it comes to what holidays we have, what festivals we throw, what food we eat, what music we listen to, and so on, we will be intentionally eclectic and delight in cultural appropriation.

Our approach to struggle in the world of ideas must not be tired or stodgy; while we may be committed to being fair and careful in our arguments, we need a vitality that will carry us forward. In our claims (there are no gods! abrahamic morality isn't that great! neither mother theresa nor yeshua bar yosef were admirable people!) we should speak loudly and with conviction, and follow it up with what we do believe and love about humanity.


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