Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Cast Call for SqHill

Interesting random people I tend to see in Squirrel Hill:

  • Young Ronald Reagan - I often see him on the bus, occasionally on Murray Ave.
  • Sad-Eyed Older Jewish (Israeli?) Girl - She has dark hair, and often is reading Israeli newspapers in the 61c café. We typically wave at each other when we pass on the street. I met her once sometime back, but her name didn't stick in my head.
  • Small asian runner girl - She runs all over Squirrel Hill at all times of day. She looks kind of funny pumping her arms so enthusiastically.
  • Old insane greek(?) guy - He has grey hair, a weathered but potentially handsome face, and is often at the 61c. I've seen him all over town though - he seems to get around. He's often muttering to himself and doesn't seem to be very "there". I've never seen him beg or take money though..
  • Youngish black beggar - He begs, and I've seen him use the money to buy beer from a pizza place. I sometimes yell at people who give him money.
  • Grandmotherly Jewish lady - She wanders all over squirrel hill, frequenting many of the stores I also go to. I've occasionally had decent conversations with her about a number of things (but not recently). Her name didn't stick in my head, and so I generally just wave at her when I see her.

There is a bird in my office trying to distract me from my rewarping of brains to a shiny new reference brain one of my co-workers whipped up late last week. If only the ceilings were not so high, I could probably catch it. My normal tactics of using an umbrella have helped, but I can't quite reach the (insanely high) roof so I can't pin it. If this were my apartment, I would've had it outside within 5 minutes. Oh well.

Every so often I like to think about what I'd like in an ideal partner, even if (as now) I'm not really looking to meet new people to fit the mould for one reason or another. It's ridiculously specific, and I probably wouldn't be really satisfied with anything but a very slim percentage of the population, but it's at least an amusing exercise.

Apart from the wacky Red Riding Hood interpretation that starts this weekend (IIRC), there's also a Jazz concert that Pitt's throwing this Wednesday. I heard about this through an all-staff/faculty mail from CMU's "Department of Jazz Studies", which I did not know existed. I probably won't go, but I'm sure it's open to students and of interest to one of my readers.


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