Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Values and Existence

Difficult question:Recognised that we may have social/political struggles over actual values, and also sometimes have struggles over the basic existence of ourselves or a community of people like us, yet decide not to recognise the existence of such a community as an actual value, how do we treat people on the other side of such struggle?

Initially, I am inclined to be almost-apologetic in the latter struggle but very bold in the former.

Explaining the question in more detail:Let's say that we belong to a social faction that has certain practices and a lifestyle that for some reason cannot coexist with some opposing also-reasonable social faction. Let's further state that our membership in this is not principled; no values make us part of our faction, but we're inculturated in a way that we could not change sides without substantial trauma.

Unrelated, working my way through Smart/Haldane's Atheism and Theism. I'm very irritated by the almost-platonic stance towards ideas expressed in the Jesuit position; that style always feels to me like wordplay.

Tags: philosophy

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