Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

In Defense of Beauty

(Note that while I marked this (thinking mainly about the first topic) with the Feminism tag, that is because it is relevant to feminism; I hold that it is perfectly compatible with (but not inspired) second-wave feminism but not compatible with third-wave feminism)

Three topics, starting with beauty:Read more...Collapse )

From the last point in that (long) cut, I want to point out some term usage (as I use them):

  • Category-membership is an external classification based on someone's attributes. Not everyone's world-of-terms will agree as to how people-or-things should be categorised; everyone makes their own categories into which they put other people, and category systems neither do nor should agree on everything.
  • Identity is a decision to make a self-categorisation part of a public statement as to what the flavour of one's person is. It often implies loyalty or accompanying cultural membership. Identification is self-built.
Applied, I can say that I am categorised as being bisexual, but I only mildly identify as such; my bisexuality is an almost insignificant part of what I think knowing me is about. I also only mildly identify as male. I am categorised as having brown hair, but it is not at all an important part of me. I do strongly identify as being liberal, but others who categorise things differently than I do might decide not to categorise me as such. Applying this to that last point, Romney identifies as Christian, but it is legitimate for varying people not to categorise him as such.
Tags: feminism, philosophy

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