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Kismet of Glaciers

Yesterday I treated myself to a higher-grade of Indian restaurant, visiting 「Karma」 in the old city neighbourhood. It was pretty amazing (and pretty expensive). It wasn't spicy, but if I ever go again I'll ask them to turn up the spice. Everything was just a bit novel though (The mint chutney had all the subtlety of a fine wine).

Sad to see that Google's Chrome team has some of the same brain-damage that the GNOME3, Pidgin. and Firefox teams have. People dedicated to fewer UI options (particularly if they decide to do something weird and that everyone else must go along with them) really need not to be let near the code. Oh well; in the case of Chrome I never really liked it, and at least Firefox's "we want to hide all your UI elements" people are not making it mandatory. Yet.

Soon: interviews that'll determine where I'll be living next.


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