Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Next steps

Looks like TED didn't bite for that web engineer job, so unless one of the other positions they mentioned opens up soon, NYC is probably off the table. Currently reading some papers for the MIT job.

Yesterday, before I left the city, I swung by a bookstore on St. Marks Street. Acquired:
*Salman Rushdie's 「Luka and the Fire of Life」
*Ken MacLeod's 「The Execution Channel」
*Haruki Murakami's 「1Q8」
*Baker/Hansen's 「The Elements of Fucking Style」

The last was a mistake. It posed itself as a parody of Elements of Style, so I thought it might be poking fun at the original's prescriptiveness and perhaps at American English grammar itself. Instead, it's a stupid little book that replaces all the examples and intros in the original with "modern" equivalents that include swearing and are all about drug use, sex, and TV. Will not be keeping this book, but I expect the other 3 to be good.

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