Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Fixing a Story

I'm trying to figure out if my "Mustard" story is worth continuing to work with or not. I keep having ideas for it (or, as TMBG says, 「Always thinking/Always busy cooking up an angle/Working on the tiny blueprint of the angle/Sketching out the burning autumn leaves」). There are plenty of comments on human nature I think I could express best by working them into the story; areas where human nature seems not to make sense but in fact just makes a different kind of sense than what people want to believe. It's not meant to be compelling, nor to beat home a particular message, just be complicated enough that human nature is partly explained and justified through its passage. One of the problems is that the elaborations don't happen in order, and it might be strange to have a story/webcomic/whatever that is adjusted and refined in beginning, middle, and end with no strong order. I don't know how to present that, I don't know if I would read it, and I know that long series of flashbacks would be unworkable.

It's also just one story, and I have a lot of them in my head; I do like sketching them, and I might like writing them as words, but I most enjoy the planning, the background material, the content.

I also keep wondering if I went too far in dismissing Oyschlisn, my rather-depressing other webcomic series. It is another story that's still in my head, and I did like the freedom I felt when using that angle as an approach for the human condition. The pain that inspired Oyschlisn is still with me, just as the feelings that inspire my love of humanity, the search for meaning (Eckslang), and various other explorations. Maybe I should start thinking of each story as an angle-with-a-life-of-its-own.

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