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I sometimes think it's strange how quickly cats forgive or expect forgiveness; is it a short memory, or do they handle conflict very differently? Over the last hour, Beefalo puked on the floor (sigh... neither of my cats is good at figuring out how big their stomach is), tried to drag books and clothes from other rooms to bury her vomit (which I yelled at her at; she hid), and after I hopped up and cleaned it up and got back to coding (lying down on the bed), she came over, hopped on my side, and took a nap. One person yelling at another tends to leave much longer-lasting scars and damage to interpersonal possibility.

I'm not a fan of Thanksgiving; I don't like the historical events it celebrates (at least put in the broader context; one people offer another succor, and the guests eventually invent this monstrosity called manifest destiny, intentionally inflict smallpox on their hosts, and grind the people of two continents into rubble). A lot of people feel similarly; someone on KOL remarked that they usually call it 「Thankstaking」. However, this Thanksgiving wasn't bad; still pretty lonely (two cancelled visits recently), but 「Batman: Arkham City」 came out, so it was more of a Batsgiving. Speaking of which, it's a nice game. I still think I spend too much time playing computer games though.

A 「recent Submormalty」 was quite good at summarising how I feel a lot of the time.

Recently I have been making a number of dishes with wild rice; learned that the reason it's so expensive is that it is a much more particular, less-hardy plant than true rice. It goes well with Indian recipes.