Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Pancake Cracks

The season of year has begun to slide me back towards depression and a wondering if I really will be alone for the rest of my life. Today, at least, the universe seems to be tossing me a bone (if I choose to personify it that way, which I'm willing to do in a I-know-it's-not-actually-true way).

This morning, I was notified that I won a drawing held by 「Law and the Multiverse」.

Then, on the way to a coffeeshop in the city proper, someone commented on the large climbing caribiner I keep on my laptop bag, and we talked briefly about climbing, then I mentioned that I'm trying to arrange to move to NYC, she talked about her experiences travelling the world and how she'd like to have a house in NYC and one in Italy, then I talked briefly about grad school and education, and then we had a delightful conversation that started on neuroscience and wandered over to women's studies and then the efforts of various communities to find meaning in life through cultural self-expression (e.g. rap). It was a pretty great conversation (and I am literally starving for conversation), and it was moving rapidly towards areas I have not already thought to death (although still worthwhile because she tied it to her experiences in an enriching way), with the promise of maybe eventually reaching the holy grail of new intellectual ground. Unfortunately, we hit 30th Street Station, so we said our goodbyes and I left.

I need to have conversations like that more often. Maybe we should've actually introduced ourselves to each other so we could've continued it. I don't want to ruin it, but I wonder if she was attractive; I was too engrossed in conversation to really pay attention to that. I haven't had any dates since calling it quits with K, but maybe if she was attractive it might've been nice to go on one? Or maybe just hanging out and talking more? Either way, it was nice to have a great convesation.

A bit more (non-personal) news:

*The UK continues its euroskeptic stance, isolating it within the EU
*Amazon's price-checking app has customers entering stores, scanning labels, and likely heading back home to buy things cheaper from Amazon. I find the political outrage on this to be pretty interesting; this is encouraging price-comparisons that in theory every consumer in a market with perfect competition would be doing. Is this a direct concern, absent greater theory, for small businesses and the margins they need to survive? Is this skepticism about competition itself? My own thoughts on the matter are descriptive-theory-heavy but judgement-light; It does not seem on the surface wrong, but the app does seem to be a marginal step in a direction that may wipe out a number of small businesses. More importantly, a stance against this is hard to sustain; either we permit it or we should take steps to make large businesses legally unsustainable (and embrace petit bourgeoisism as a proper economic system). Criticism, even if yielded to, will not produce effects that will be lasting in the long term.
*I've long found inner tensions in local government (and political figures) resulting from controversial actions to be fascinating. Yesterday's blog entry on Gorbachev was interesting. The Philadelphia police captain (Raymond Lewis) who has been part of the OWS protests has been asked not to wear his uniform there anymore. NYC's Bloomberg has been grumbly at NYC Congressman Nadler for his request that the US Justice Department look into police abuses during the OWS shutdown.

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