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For Lack of Heat

If it were not such a privileged thing to have that I'd feel terribly guilty about it, I'd really like to have a small clothes heater/tumbler for my apartment that I'd put my clothes through before putting them on in the winter.


Alternative: ironing!

You'll get the added benefit of not being wrinkley.
Depending on the arrangement of your building's heating, you may be able to drape things on vents or put a clothes rack (justifiable to dry clothes in wet weather) over a vent, and lay out things overnight to be warm in the morning. I used to do this with socks and it is heavenly :P
as a little-noob, i used to instead put my socks on the light-bulb in the living room lamp. but, i stopped when i accidentally forgot about one and left it there for too long.
I don't know the exact source of your guilt, but if the concern is that you'd be spending too much heat, you should consider that whatever you spend on a space heater you might save from your pipe heating (assuming there is a thermostat). I have previously made a similar argument about the energy used by computers: since it dissipates into heat (assuming that most of the output does not go into light or sound), the energy is put into good use by heating the apartment.