Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

"Americans Elect" is not our ship

I have been doing some investigation of "Americans Elect", a purported centrist party in the United States. Before my research, I was concerned that:A) America is already very right-wing, and rather than embracing its center it needs to move much further to the left than the Democratic partyB) Because of how internet-coordinated campaigns work, all this might do is accidentally split the Democratic vote, leading to Republican gain.I might be willing to accept B if it were for a good cause, or at least consider it an unfortunate side-effect of a winner-takes-all electoral system.

On further investigation, it appears that Americans Elect is not even honest about making a go at centrism, and is better described as a masqueraide of the same sort as the astroturfing that made the Tea Party. For starters, see the link below, listing their board of directors (with added background). I have been able to verify a reasonable subset of the annotations.

I strongly recommend people dissociate with Americans Elect if they had any participation with it. This thing needs to be sunk. For friends in the Occupy Movement as well as fellow liberals and/or socialists, I suggest supporting the Green Party and/or voting strategically for the Democratic party. While we should do our best to push for a society that has safety nets, reasonable regulation, socialised healthcare, gay marriage, a more nuanced stance on Israel, and so on, we also should be willing to vote for (and even rally for) the lesser evil (in my view, the Dems) as a form of harm-reduction.

If you're waiting for our ship to finally come in, "Americans Elect" is not it.


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