Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Concentration of People

(What constitutes a "greater city" or a megapolis is pretty fuzzy)

  • The United States has 312.8 million people. Roughly 6% of Americans live in the greater NYC metro area. Roughly 4% of Americans live in the greater LA metro area.
  • The UK has 62.2 million people. Roughly 51.8 million of those live in England. Of the 62.2 million figure, roughly 13% live in the Greater London Urban Area. Roughly 3% live in the West Midlands Urban Area (centred around Birmingham)
  • Metropolitan France has 63.1 million people. 18% of those live in the Paris metropolitan area. 2% live in the Lyon metropolitan area. France is 110% awesome.
  • Germany has 81.8 million people. 14% of those live in the Ruhr-Dusseldorf-Koln/Bonn metropolitan area. 7.3% live in the Berlin metropolitan area.
  • China has 1.34 billion people. The Pearl River Delta megapolis (includes Hong Kong) has roughly 5% of that. The Yangtze River Delta megapolis (includes Shanghai) has roughly 6% of that. The Bohai Economic Rim (includes Beijing) has roughly 3% of that.
  • India has 1.21 billion people. The Mumbai metropolitan area has roughly 2% of that. Calcutta has roughly 1.2%
  • Pakistan has 177 million people. The Karachi metropolitan area has roughly 6.6% of that.
  • Brasil has 190.7 million people. Sao Paulo's metropolitan area has roughly 10% of that.
  • Russia has 142.9 million people. The Moscow metropolitan area has roughly 10.5% of that.
  • Japan has 128 million people. The Tokyo metropolitan area has roughly 25.3% of that. The Kyoto-Kobe-Osaka megacity has roughly 13.5%
  • Mexico has 112.3 million people. The Mexico City metropolitan area has roughly 18% of that.
  • Iran has 75.3 million people. 10% of those live in the Tehran Metropolitan Area.
  • South Korea has 48.9 million people. 42% of those live in the Seoul Metropolitan Area

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