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Last friday, as you may be aware, Pittsburgh Organizing Group blockaded CMU's field robotics centre. While I've been critical of this particular action, I may have done it injustice in the sense that I didn't expect it to open any discussions on the topic or have any measurable effect -- while for a direct action-type stunt, its direct effect was almost negligible, I forgot to consider that as CMU is a University with a slightly independent press and a lack of the lockstep that most other private entities have, it might cause members of the campus community to become aware of what's publically gatherable on CMU's actions in the war. Was there much greater effect beyond that? Probably not, and in today's campus newspaper (which talked about it a bit) there was one person expressing the common opinion of amoralists - that it would happen anyway so CMU might as well be the one doing it. There was a lot of other discussion in the paper though, and perhaps a means might be found to bring pressure on the administration (hello, Student Council?). If I had been able to get involved (unsafe given my job), I would've preferred something a bit less public and more effective - mixing direct action with protest is, in my experience, best done in a way where no activists are still around by the time the press/police show up. To bring about justice, ideally good people will stand up for their values, both refusing to get involved in things that would soil their hands and putting pressure on/smashing (as appropriate) things that are bad enough.

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