Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Sir Real and the Maestro

The Hitchcock midterm wasn't bad at all - I was nervous because I had no idea what to expect and because I tend to easily forget the names of films and characters (even if I really understand what they're about). Things went rather well though - provided that one has one's brain engaged in class and is interested in the topic, I'd have a tough time imagine one would do badly in the midterm. I need to get started on the paper though. As, sadly, nothing has materialised so far for spring break, maybe I'll get started on it them.. not that spring break means a lot to staff anyhow.

The faculty club has apparently hired a "banana chef" to make a free dessert for all members tomorrow. I'm not sure what to expect of banana liquor/rum, but vanilla ice cream is involved, so I'll probably go. Weird isn't always bad.

Last night, as I went to bed I was struck by how the moonlight came down onto my bed, so I got out my camera, set it for fifteen second exposures (and after some trial-and-error, changed the contrast settings and some other things), and snapped the above, along with these two:

I'm half-getting-into Thou Shalt Not - I like some of their musical ideas (some of it sounds like a blend of J-Pop (Do as Infinity?) and Depeche Mode), but most of their songs don't feel like they're pushing quite far enough. I'd be tempted to say that their failing is that they tend to be cliche, but they're different enough from other groups that I've heard that that doesn't quite fit. Maybe they're inventing new cliches for themelves? Anyhow, they're rather good and worth listening to.


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