Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Early Review - Darksiders

Apart from the nice little Indie games I picked up, I got "Darksiders", which seems to be a kind of first-person RPG. It is surprisingly instructive in theology too, although it disagrees quite a lot with the Christian mythology I'm familiar with. Apparently the horsemen of the apocalypse are neutral between angels and demons, and .. well, I don't believe in souls, but it spells out a physics of souls that's pretty surprising! Apparently souls are collectable as money, and both zombies and trees have souls! Much to my surprise, broken down cars and barrels have souls too! I'll never look at a junkyard or a used car lot the same way again.

Apparently I've been wasting my time with Tertullian and Lombard in understanding Christian mythology, and should've just played some video games. Also, while there are plenty of video games that are great for understanding other mythologies (that old NES classic "Battle of Olympus" is great for Greek Mythology), I'm not aware of good games for the myths that comprise Islam, Buddhism, or Judaism. Still, it's great that we don't need scholarly study of Usul al-Fiqh, the Diamond Sutra, or the Bhagavad Gita. ;)

Kidding aside, it's a fun game, but it has waaayy too many buttons. It's also tricky for me because the keyboard shortcuts are all designed for right-handed people and it's never fun to me to guess what a decent mapping will be for me. I'm not saying that games need to just have 2 buttons and a cross-pad, but if I'm spending a good 20 minutes mapping half my keyboard for your game, you probably have too complex an interface.

Someday I probably will get a USB joystick/gamepad of some kind. Anyone have any advice on that?

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