Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Gaseous Food?

Our species has solid and liquid foods, and other not-exactly-food needs associated with each. Although we make use of some of the components of air, it's a stretch to call air a food proper. Could such a thing be devised for the human body? Although a few people I'm going to dismiss as religious lunatics have claimed to exist on air alone, is there a mixture of gasses that the human body could interact with to get all the energy and meet the other needs it has associated with food? A variant question: if we allow matter suspended in the air, could we make such a mixture under normal conditions that could sustain human life? Proposals to modify the human body fall outside the scope of this "I wonder", but comment anyway if you have something interesting to say. This idea popped into my head while watching a dull conversation on IRC about getting food.


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