Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Muting the muted

I've talked a bit about some of my ideas for a programming language for deaf people, and have something that's more or less a basic design for a perl/python-like language, kindasorta that might be the kind of language I'd like to code in were I to go blind. I'm a bit wary of publishing a draft specification because I'm worried about some schmuck taking it, adding trivial/necessary extensions, registering it and/or the extensions as some kind of IP, and making it hard for me to keep playing with it. I know I would never want to patent it myself (I don't believe in intellectual property), but I don't want anyone else to establish roadblocks on it either. I also would like to talk about it. This leaves me unsure what to do.

To add a third meaning to the title, you may be interested to note that Myanmar appears to have made some historic shifts in terms of security and politics, releasing a large number of prominent political prisoners (including former high government officials) and hinting at introducing some limited kind of pluralism into their political system. They have also announced a ceasefire with ethnic minorities, who have been seeking some permutation of independence and better treatment for many years. This comes after a recent high-profile visit of Secretary of State Clinton (a few months ago). The United States has recognised this and is preparing to reestablish diplomatic relations with the country (no doubt Myanmar is hoping to see economic sanctions lifted as well). This is a major step forward.

Unrelated, I am starting to talk to various acquantences who have managed long daily commutes as part of their work life; this may be relevant to an upcoming job decision.


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