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Maximal Enrichment

If I were to dream up a philosophical afterlife that'd ideally inspire people to live maximally mentally enriching lives,

Nevermind that I find the idea of afterlives to be pure fantasy, I'd probably propose a "Remix" afterlife. In this, I'd imagine that every experience that we've had over our lives is remixed into an eternity of future experiences.

Unfortunately, depending on how you look at it this might be a fairly scary idea, but I think some of this is just the territory of afterlives in general (I don't desire anything but oblivion when I am done with life, and I am very comfortable with that and find the idea of any enternal afterlife terrifying).

I imagine excessive focus on this might be negative, of course; the idea of people having a thirst for new experiences is kinda neat, but I'm not sure how healthy it'd be to try to experience the nastier ones just to have them on the menu for remixes.

At least, it'd be unhealthy assuming it to be false. If I really believed it to be true, I'd probably do a number of things that'd look pretty nuts by the standards of people who didn't share that life-framing.

I think a lot of the differences between cultures are explained by stuff like this, which is why I'm so wary of the "insane" label that we tend to apply to those different enough from our own. Some of that is probably emotional comfort with ideas; I am sure those who have spent most of their lives hoping for an afterlife (or living with some hunch that there is one) would find my belief that oblivion; extinguishment of the subjective experience; is what awaits each of us when our brain ceasees to function, to be terrifying.


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