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Call for Nubernames

As you probably know-without-knowing, when you enter numbers into a microwave, say, 120:

  • You could theoretically mean 120 seconds
  • But you probably mean 1:20, and this is how your microwave will interpret the number
  • But if you enter 80, it will go for 80 seconds, which is the same as 1:20
Probably it does the same thing with hours, if your microwave will happily cook things for that long.

What would you call that system? It's not base-60 really. I am tempted to call it chunk-60. Complicated by the fact that a natural extension would be to extend it further by 24, so it's 24-60-60. Natural Time Input?

Is there an industry term for this? Is there a term for that kind of alternate windowed-overflow notation (windowed in that the window closes between 99 and 100, the latter being substantially less time than the former)?


hm, I know no name for it, but it's interesting to note that it's just writing base-60 numbers using base-100 numerals. you could do the same thing with hex and decimal: 100F = 1015, for example.