Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Tyson's Ghost

The neurologist I'm to see for the migraines later this month sent me one of those scored tests they want to see when I show up where they ask a lot of questions. I think it's a bit odd to see medical people relying on scores for a diagnosis (although the DSM does have a certain amount of looseness that might suggest this), although maybe it's useful for insurance purposes and to explain things to patients. I was not surprised to find it tell me that the migraines are having a severe impact on my life (ranging from none through moderate to that). It would be amusing that after filling it out yesterday I got my first one after about a weeklong hiatus today, except getting them is never amusing. These damned things are doing well in the running for the worst thing in my life.

Earlier today, I discovered that my music player has always had the ability to intelligently scoot around inside long lists of song titles/artists/albums, and that because I generally don't read manuals anymore (except sometimes as a bathroom reader), I missed on it and was irritated by its absence.

All things considered, I'm in a good mood and as soon as the migraine fades a bit more, I'm hopefully going to be able to leave my office, go home, and take a walk, given recent upturns in our swiftly-tilting weather.


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