Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Looking at Mahayana

Today was a good day. Hung out with people, did things, ate tasty things, some of which we all cooked, and returned home. Thinking about the interactions I had, I think I really need to work about relaxing when I'm around people. Some part of me hasn't really accepted the fact that at a certain point, life doesn't come with a boat anymore, and one builds one's own boat out of things that happen to be nearby. This is a final adjustment - it's more than a lesson in that I understand it but have not really adjusted to it (or perhaps I have but I find it unsatisfying or difficult).

I did an awesome amount of cleaning this morning, and it's pretty nice to have my apartment free of random papers and other junk all over the place. My apartment feels more like it's simply an extension of myself (and my cats), which is partly what I've been aiming for the whole time. There's still a bit more to do, but the atmosphere in the place has changed for the better.

I continue to be deeply enthused about my newish large french press. I find it hard imagining tea without it.

A recent random philosophical thought - I've occasionally heard it called totalitarian to posit ideals that one would accept in no society. The intuition is that non-totalitarian societies should each establish their own rules for human interaction, and be content to care for their own. I wonder if such people would regularly grant being "acceptably different" to societies that practice genocide, slavery, and things of that sort for the sake of diversity. If most concepts of justice are a bit totalitarian by this benchmark, then either I want to say that on some topics and in some circumstances, totalitarian thinking is warranted, or that this way of approaching the term is broken. The first is a surprisingly attractive option based on careful examination of the word totalitarian, although the second is attractive more on an examination of how the word tends to be used.


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