Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Revising Dreams

Dream:I was in some strange kind of situation where I had just managed to escape some kind of captors in a large school, but didn't feel safe to make for one of the exits to the building; I hid in a conference room near one of the exits, around a corner from anywhere I could be seen. Unfortunately, I was spotted almost immediately, and two women made this clear when they entered the room and tapped me on the knee where I thought I was cleverly hiding. I thought perhaps I'd confuse them (or break the script) so I ignored the tapping a few times, but eventually sighed and resigned myself that my whereabouts were known. School was letting out, so rather than have me exit the room to wherever they were taking me, they drew the shades so the kids could line up and start to leave.

One of the young women was rather attractive, and unlike what I would do in real life (because I don't seem to really be comfortable flirting in that way and never do it), I mentioned that she's rather attractive in a boyish way, and she demurred and then said she'd probably be unattractive when she grew up. I told her "maybe? But you're attractive now". I found some clothes in the room and started to get more dressed (not sure why I wasn't dressed; maybe that was explained by some earlier part of the dream), and started to wonder if I might make a break for it somehow. I also felt a weird surge of affection for that one woman and had the feeling there might be some regret that she would be taking me in, or arresting me, or killing me, or something.

The dream kind of slid into a pause as I started to wake up, and that gave me some room to revise/relive the end of the dream a bit, giving me some sort of timed teleportation effect that I had been waiting for that teleported me out of there. I then revised it again to take a weird gamble. reworking the device so it teleported her too, no doubt to the surprise of her partner (who was not very fleshed-out in the dream and was more there as a concept of "anotherperson").

That kind of revising thing seems to mostly happen as I'm starting to wake, or perhaps it's that I only tend to remember it at that time and it happens so seamlessly at other times that I forget the original dream. We are talking low-memory environments here, and being momentarily self-aware enough to rewrite a story one's living in is not bound to be preserved in the historical record.

I sometimes like to sketch the architecture I see in dreams; sometimes it's a "dark world" reality, but often (like in this one) it's a location not much like anyplace I've ever visited in the particulars.

Strange how places are always so complete, but people are often hand-waved.

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