Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Bag of fun:

  • Coined a term - 「Sleepderp」 - state of being temporarily stupid due to sleepdep
  • Merovingian, someone I know from my Wikipedia days, has 「penned a nice little story
  • When I'm feeling depressed, there are three things on the interwebs that are plentiful in supply to search for: 「episodes of QI」, 「Both the talk and joke portions of Mock the Week」, 「David Mitchell's rants」, 「fun clips from "Yes Minister"」
  • There's a bit from this song, the Belleville Rendez-vous (that I've been mildly obsessed with recently), that I find brilliant. In this rendition of the song it happens once a bit over halfway through, but is more prominent in other versions of the song.

I was recently a bit weirded out to do the maths and figure out that my apartment in PHL works out to about $36/night at its present rate (more if I figure in utilities). The cheap hotel I liked in chinatown in NYC ran about $50/night. If I didn't have cats, and had someplace to stash most of my stuff, I think I would probably move to that hotel now, for the purposes of making interviews easier and finding a place easier yet (plus living in a fun area). Le sigh. I really love my cats, but they are the source of practically all the mess in my apartment and really keep me from being as mobile as I'd like. Grumblegrumble. Hopefully I can get some work lined up quickly. So impatient. At this point I'm getting constant nibbles in my part-time search, and there are plenty of fulltime jobs I think I could almost assuredly get if what I'm holding out for doesn't work out. Waiting sucks. Also getting bored of needing to care about this kind of thing.

Starting to think about how I want to set up my next non-short-term apartment.


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