Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Government Agency Ratings

Bernie Sanders asks how we feel about a few government agencies in the US. My ratings and thoughts:

  • Postal Service - Somewhat favorable. I like that they exist, wish they had banned junk mail ages ago, and think they may be nearly obsolete
  • FBI - Somewhat favorable. They do mostly important, worthwhile things, but also enforce some laws I dislike. I'm not naturally hostile to them.
  • US Supreme Court - Somewhat favorable. Occasionable questionable decisions, and Dems have been spineless in their appointments over the years, leading to a systemic betrayal of our common law traditions. Worrying.
  • Defense Department - Somewhat favourable. Hard to really judge this agency as most of what they do is pretty quiet.
  • Social Security Administration - Somewhat favorable. Competent. Dull. Hamstrung by stupid decisions by politicians.
  • Environmental Protection Agency - Very favorable. I like their mandate, but they've been hamstrung by stupid political decisions.
  • Food and Drug Administration - Very favourable. Wishing lobbyists had a harder time swaying them though.
  • Department of Homeland Security - Somewhat unfavorable. The reorg that created them was probably a bad idea.
  • Department of Education - Very favorable. They don't do a lot, having a fairly narrow mandate. The statistics on education they provide are very helpful though.
  • CIA - Somewhat favorable. Really pretty neutral on this. Important that some agency like this exists, but they've often been used for very regrettable things.
  • TSA - Somewhat unfavorable - I've read enough to have doubts that their more controversial practices are effective enough to be justified. I don't deeply object to this, and think a lot of the criticisms levelled at them are bloody stupid ("porno scanners"? Really?). Still, if these practices are not effective, let's stop pissing the grumbly people off. I also wonder if the TSA is structured correctly.
  • IRS - Somewhat favorable - I like what they do, but we really should modernise our tax structure so practically everything is handled automatically online continually rather than with paper returns and third-party nonsense on a certain day of the year.
  • FEMA - Somewhat favorable - Difficult task, hard to judge them.

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