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I am curious what/how people think of duties/obligations/care/resources for members of our species who, through genetic or developmental mishap, are not mentally all there. Although I'd be interested in hearing overarching frameworks on how to handle this, I'll guide the discussion with a few questions...

1) If you were a parent, and knew that you and your partner, after genetic counseling, would likely give birth to a mentally disabled child, would you still choose to have children? What if it were certain? Are there distinctions you'd make with regards to how disabled or in what way disabled?
2) Should mentally disabled people have children? Conversely, is it acceptable to have the state (or something similar) intervening in these matters, and if so, how?
3) To what extend should the state/society/private institutions support mentally disabled people? In schools? In institutions?
4) To what extent should they have control of their own welfare? If you think in terms of rights, what kinds of rights should they have?

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