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Rufus Biden Firefly

I recently mentioned this on my Twitter, but I forgot to provide a link. As I said, Joe Biden has recently said a few extraordinarily stupid things (for someone who's nearly a head-of-state, one part is shockingly undiplomatic, the other is undiplomatic and a stupid analysis). See here for the actual quotes I'm referring to.

I was kind of amused to see some of the Republican blogosphere's take on this, with both extremely selective quoting from his speech and proceeding to interpret it wrongly. You know you're doing badly when the facts you cite undermine your own argument and rely on a willful misinterpretation of a few words. There are a few Republican blogs out there with integrity and intelligence, but the vast majority of those I sample (I try to read political analyses from a lot of angles) from the Republican sphere seem to be batshit insane (not just shallow and wrong, as Biden's argument over population dynamics is).