Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Last Mile

Last bit of NYC trip. I have a lot of topics stashed up to talk about for the post after this, but I am too fried to reasonably deal with them.

NYC:After Soy Café on Friday, I decided to check out Williamsburg. I had dinner at 「Taj Kabab and Curry」 (sic) on Grand Street; inexpensive and pretty good! The papadoms and samosa were both really nicely fried, and the saag paneer was tasty. Atmosphere was nice too. They did kind of panic when I asked for a card when I left; they thought they had lost my credit card!

Afterwards I went to Verb Café, where I got some tea and waited for Gustavo to make it down/over. It's in a fun part of Williamsburg, fun enough that it looks like a really viable place to live. G and I checked out the street a bit more, walked a ways north to Nutley Square (a large athletic area/greenspace that I think would be great living near), and then into Greenpoint, which was pretty blah (or we managed not to find the good parts). Eventually, with tired feet, we hopped the requisite trains to return to his place, where I fell asleep pretty quickly.

"This" morning (personal time; I have not slept yet), I slept in, and then finalised some plans for Donuts with Sara; more train dances saw me back in Brooklyn, at 「Dun-Well Donuts」. It has a fairly retro look, is run by a really cute gay couple, and has good tea and a fun variety of donuts. I'd like to return someday to try the ones I missed. After some conversation, Sara had to do musical things; I sat for a bit further having more tea, then grabbed some pizza nearby (at least half for the bathroom; the donut place lacks one). Swung by 「Bottle Shoppe」 for some wine (which is in a really cool, somewhat run-down neighbourhood).

Tried to hop on a train back to manhattan, but the L is busted this weekend; instead hopped on some busses that claimed they were the subway (which is awesome!), took them halfway across Brooklyn to a working L stop, and finally back to G's. I liked seeing NYC's smooth adaption to something being busted; free shuttle, roll-it-out, bam, problem solved.

Grabbed dinner with G at the same Indian place we ate at last time I was in town. Then there was party. Mostly dudes, some geeky, some excessively geeky, one cute girl, another girl, another another girl who arrived later. Good food, conversation was sometimes good and sometimes okay. Came up with a rather good wordplay of "Treyf Magnifique" (for people who keep kosher: something not-kosher but so good you eat it anyhow), may have done too much wordplay and had a few conversation failures (in the form of awkwardness; I am out of practice of .. well, talking in general, as I hardly interact with people at all in PHL). Time grew shy; dug out my detailed plans to reach the Megabus stop and left.

Megabus was weird this time; it being a 01:15-03:15 trip, it was damned cold and they had consolidated a few busses down into one. So.. this was the PHL/Baltimore/DC bus. With the consolidation it was almost full. Otherwise uneventful, except for one broken power outlet and the guy who sat across from me (at a table) had his earphones up so loud that it sounded to me (and about half the rest of the bus) that we were the ones wearing them. Eventually people asked him to turn it down; even at reduced volume it was still overloud, but more bearable. 2 hours later, we skipped the (terrible why-do-you-do-that) extra second PHL megabus stop, went straight for 30th street station, and here I am.

And that's kind of a problem, or at least a wacky temporary end to the trip. I got here at 3:30. It's 5:40 now. The train I would love to take home (the R5) doesn't start up again until 7:45 (nice 15 minute ride). I will likely take the alternative train-bus route of MFL and 105, which leaves in about 15 minutes and gets me home by about 7. It's amusing that my travel between cities was quicker than the time between entering PHL and reaching my neighbourhood. Oh well, that's life in the burbs, I guess.

I am more and more enthused about NYC.

Although right now I am also highly enthused about climbing into my bed and sleeping.

I may have spent a bit more than I should've; so many good coffeeshops and restraurants in NYC.


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