Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

How Grey, How Fast

As I mentioned a few posts ago, my hair is beginning to visibly grey on the front. I'm wondering how fast it's going to do this. It'd take a really good photo to capture it as right now it's just a few hairs, but I'm wondering if it'll all go grey quickly or not.

This has been a month of waiting and applying for part-time jobs; starting next month there'll be no reason to hold back and I'll be applying to the (far, far more plentiful) fulltime ones, so hopefully I'll be in NYC in short order. This whole process has been frustratingly slow, but it always was my choice to wait. Either that pays off or it doesn't.

Recently have been watching a lot of clips from 「Mock the Week」 and am finding that Frankie Boyle's (Scottish) accent really sticks in my head.

My cats have learned the best snuggle techniques recently, which has led to a number of unscheduled naps.

Currently going through the bookshelves figuring out books I can toss rather than lug with me every time I move. Every book that I have a digital copy of (apart from a few boks that I want physical copies of) is a celebration of lightened load.


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