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Tomorrow, before or after work, I'm going to do a cooking experiment: Tempeh! I have become minorly obsessed with the stuff, because Mugshots (awesome coffeeshop in Pgh) has a delightful tempeh "Vegan BLT" that I've not only gotten most times I've been there, but have also typically craved for hours before actually making it there. Tracking tempeh down in supermarkets is a bit tricky (apparently its production is kind of complicated!), but I managed to get two packages of it in a Traitor Joe's downtown. I am excited. I expect this, if successful, will open up an entirely new direction in vegetarian cooking for me; Tempeh goes well with mustard, BBQ sauce, and the like, doesn't have the disgusting smell of meat, but has a very pleasant texture and taste of its own.

While reading up on Tempeh, I came across a list of the healthiest foods run by a nonprofit, and maybe I should make more of an effort to eat more of those. Potato leek soup in particular is something I've always liked but never cooked.

I wonder if people ever cook for their cats (or dogs). I used to enjoy putting together beautiful salads for my Iguanas (when I had them) and watching the joyous feast.

Part-time job started today, so far familiarising myself with things. There's a lot to do and a lot to learn. The pay will be very helpful although I really need to figure out how to do the withholding/reporting for the IRS. This weekend I will start the apartmentsearch in earnest.

One of the twitfeeds I follow recently mentioned this: 10 papers every programmer should read. At least a fair subset of them are such, and the first few comments (before the bots spammed it to hell) suggest some worthwhile additions/alternatives.


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