Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Although the intended purpose of this talk is to give you the sound intuition that talking with police without a lawyer present is foolhardy, once you've watched it that way then watch it again looking for the lessons it can teach us about human nature. I thought it was particularly interesting how the former marine dude concocted an elaborate tale just to define how he'd be seen in that social situation, even given that he gave it up with just a little push after it was complete. The idea that we're a social species, defining ourselves in society and getting recognition for it is integral to us, is one of the reasons getting away with certain kinds of crime is very difficult for a sane person, and why conspiracies that don't create a sufficient community can't be self-sustaining. I'm not saying this is always good or bad, but it's part of us.


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