Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Rebelling against order

There are times when I see a neat room and am really disturbed by it.

One of my cats just walked by the cat carrier; the cats occasionally hang out in there. She poked her head in, then walked by. I had the impression that it was too boring for her, too regular. Neat apartments feel kind of boring for me too; not that I just want any kind of mess, but flat floors seem wrong. The cat carrier would look better partway up a small mountain of things, as a small cave in a hill. Maybe I could arrange that; put it on top of one of the storage things I have with me, and surround it on both sides by boxes of games and books, and it might have some more organicity.

I like the idea of sleeping in tents, inside or outside an apartment. I feel that we live too-ordered lives; that we've lost a feel for the potential of our dwellings. Their construction is lousy. I want hills and steps and some bend in the terrain. I want to take that further with how I decorate it, and to sometimes sleep in the closet or under the bed (and sometimes I do). Maybe I'm rebelling against internalised notions of adulthood; instead of simply being knowledgable and organised enough to take everything life throws at us, and having judgement to really understand the good, adulthood has come to feel like a stifling conformity. There is so much more potential in an unfinished room than a furnished one.


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