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NYC Apartmenthunt Day 1

The dull adventures of trying to find an apartment in NYC and other not-terribly-interesting things:

Woke up a little before 6am to take the train to the MegaBus stop to catch my 07:30 bus into NYC. Spent most of the day working the new part-time job, which is pretty handy; finally got to meet the systems I'm administering, and debugging some puzzling hardware problems (among other things). Had a nice avocado roll lunch, worked a few more hours, and lined up an apartment viewing. Unfortunately, they backed out; turns out they had clicked the "cats are ok" box by mistake. Other lined-up showing is also a dud.

Hopped a train to head to Tea Lounge in Brooklyn, where I've been camping for several hours sending out a form "Please lease me your apartment/room" letter to dozens of craigslisters, while continually reloading the pages/queries that give me the latest posts of the kind I want. Response rate is very low. I am doing the minor good deed of flagging all the messages that are posted 10 times in a row as I wait.

My body seems to be pretty desperate to crash; I've been up for a very long time and travel usually exhausts me. Right now I'm staying awake on a combination of careful avoidance of sugar and willpower. I'll probably have to mosey up to Gustavo's around 10:30, but I'm trying to give myself the maximum chance of hearing back from someone and getting a viewing in tonight. I'm trying to figure out if there are any other ways to get a cheap 2-3 month apartment that I should be using; I've already nagged other people I know more than I probably should. I suppose on the off chance I don't get a place while here this trip, I'll soon know more about my income while here and that should open up the possibility of my going right for the long-term apartment rather than this temporary thing. Plus I'm actually pulling in enough hours that I can afford to commute into NYC every week if I want to. So overall I'm reasonably optimistic and pretty happy, despite my not having won the apartment game yet. It's also great to have access to my favourite places in NYC.

Every time I enter NYC I still have that adjustment to do; so many faces to see, objects all over the place.. until I get used to it I'm like a hummingbird. I also have this feeling that I should be taking notes about all the places I want to check out; on this trip in I walked down a street that was all greenery/flower stores, and it smelled and looked fantastic. There are also plenty of interesting, intelligent, and attractive people about! (And a few misshappen people too, and a lot of average folk). So much art.

Tomorrow's more work and more apartment-hunting. There are some neat artist-loft places that might be cool places to live. I'll be splitting tomorrow between Williamsburgh and Long Island City, I think; maybe I'll see coffeeshop adverts for apartments that didn't make it onto Craigslist.

I do have a number of big philosophy things to write, but that might not happen until I get back. Unless I find myself with a big chunk o' time where I'm both feeling more awake than I am now and not doing something else.


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