Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Flashing Eyes

NYC Apartmenthunt day 2 was rather productive; after spending a bit of time at work (mostly tweaking permissions on Cisco Routers; I *love* how one can ssh into them with modern versions of IOS, but always am unhappy that the commands differ moderately between every version of IOS I've used), I got an email back from someone who responded to my "Rooms Wanted" post on Craigslist, and arranged a viewing. I was initially skeptical, but the place is pretty ok, at least until the end of May when I expect to have fulltime work and move somewhere else (it's month-to-month so I actually can extend it later if I want). The house is being renovated right now, so there are paint spakles on the floor, they just put a lock on my room today, and sometime tomorrow they're replacing all the 2-prong outlets with 3-prong ones. The room is also fairly small but it'll be a decent place to live for a bit. There are a number of people going by on bikes outside the front door, and some people with strollers. I haven't had the time to explore the neighbourhood yet, but two stops away is my favourite coffeeshop in the world. I got my keys today.

It being day 3, this is the end of this NYC trip; heading back via Megabus in a few hours. I'll be back Sat-Mon to make the place livable and prepare it for cats, and maybe again later that week either for more preparing or with a U-haul.

Oh, one other thing. I'll be using my landlord's wireless while I'm here, which is going to take some getting used to.

I am feeling happier than I have for a long time. I remember, years ago in ColumbusOhio, someone described me as someone who always looked like they had just thought about something amusing; I haven't been that way consistently in the years between, but this city has the parts I need to make a decent life, I think. I have been thinking a lot about Pittsburgh recently though; I think I'll be back there someday but NYC is a good place to be for now.

Of the times when I was happy in the past, I recall I generally had people around who were happy to join me in my errands or to have company for theirs just to talk. Maybe I can get that here.

Apparently in NYC I need to figure out what neighbourhoods I rag on, as that's part of the bee dance of subcultural identity here. Or maybe I can get a pass as a Texan (or non-native) for awhile. There's also a little bit of workplace drama which I'm kind of worried about.

I recently discovered that Civilization 4 remixed the theme from Civilization 1, with narration by Leonard Nimoy. Somehow I missed hearing about this (I still sometimes think of that theme fondly).

CodingHorror did a neat special on How to hire a programmer; I like most of it, although the audition-project thing sounds kind of obnoxious; I'm glad he mentioned the trial period as an alternative; I don't think any reasonable programmer would want to take on contract employment on the "audition" basis.

I hope to see Game Change at some point.


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