Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

First nights in Apartments

Overnight trips PHL->NYC: pretty brutal. I might not make this trip again; apparently camping 30th street station for non-SEPTA non-AMTRAK services isn't allowed (kind policeman let me stay there this time because I didn't know, but asked me not to do it again). Enough is packed that my new place is (very) minimally civilised; there are provisions for tea, coffee, and chilled water, along with a few other bare necessities. It still feels more like a half-prepared campsite than a place, but it's a start. Arrived at 6AM, caught some sleep, and now more-or-less awake again.

The apartment itself has some pretty apparent rough spots; it is fairly cold, there are no window curtains yet, and half the outlets are too painted-over to work and the others are two-prong. Plus the bathroom and kitchen have all surfaces covered in dirt. This wireless internet from the landlord upstairs just won't do; as soon as I get my first paycheck I'm going to arrange some wired internet on the first floor. Fortunately there's a Walgreens nearby to take care of the more obvious other things.

I'm bummed that there are no Wawas in NYC. They left the Greater NY Metro Area and only recently have started sneaking back into North Jersey. Hopefully they'll be back.

I'm trying to talk to a few people about the automatic statistics idea; I suspect there's a big difference between building systems that can do statistical reasoning and those that can learn to do it, and the latter is much more powerful because it implies that the statistics won't be its own black-box/island domain of thought (typical problem with AI approaches). Still, the former is a worthwhile project.


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